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There is nothing more charming than entering a nicely planned and organized home. Living in an apartment and having a limited budget shouldn’t prevent you from personalizing it to feel more like a ‘home’. Sometimes your landlord won’t let you make modifications to your flat, which can be frustrating if you’ve always loved decorating your home as you want. As a result, if you consider updating your apartment, keep in mind that the improvements must be both reasonable and reversible. The following are some budget-friendly apartment upgrades:

1. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Your apartment’s walls and flooring can have a significant impact on how your place looks. Wallpapers are simple to stick and peel, which makes them ideal for you because you may remove them anytime you move to a new location. Selecting the appropriate wallpaper for the apartment is one approach to making your place appear spacious and lovely. An extremely cool advantage is that you may switch out your wallpaper whenever you want to change the appearance of your residence, as the wallpaper is removed without damaging the property. Additionally, they can be applied to furniture, the backs of kitchen cabinets and bookshelves, ceilings, closets, temporary flooring, and drawers.

2. Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Most of the time the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are old. Nowadays you can find trendy faucets to install in your kitchen and bathroom. Although it can seem like a minor improvement, they offer your home an entirely new look. You can get them according to the style of your apartment at very reasonable prices. Your landlord won’t have any issues with it due to the fact this is often a simple update that can be easily undone.

3. Bathroom Hardware

If you think your bathroom looks gloomy and dim, replacing the boring hardware in your bathroom is one of the things you should do. The toilet paper holder, towel ring, and cabinet pulls can be easily replaced with something sleek and modern. You can also add adorable bathroom accessories like a tumbler holder, bathmat, soap dispenser, and towels. These small changes can completely revamp the appearance of your bathroom.

4. Apartment’s lighting

A well-positioned lighting can give new depth to your space, bringing it to life. The apartment may have those common lighting fixtures. Therefore, removing them and upgrading them with lovely, affordable lighting fixtures would enhance the aesthetic appeal of your apartment. To make your home feel cozy and comfortable all the time, swap out your standard bulbs for ones that give a warm glow.

5. Window Draperies

Decorating your apartment with elegant curtains or blinds makes your apartment feel more like a home. With so many alternatives to drilling in the wall, this has been made simpler. Your curtains’ color, pattern, and material may entirely transform the look of your apartment. Residing in a pleasant, and relaxing home can lift your mood even after a long day.