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The environment at shopping malls has been changing over the years. Different age groups now have facilities catering to their needs. Changing demographics have resulted in management changing their traditional thinking, making malls important in today’s day and age. Many senior heads have put their heads into making malls relevant for all audiences, resulting in the birth of different entertainment facilities at Pelican Mall.

Entertainment Facilities at Pelican Mall

Pelican Mall has put a lot of thought into catering for the entertainment needs of the audience it is targeting. It is important to satisfy the needs and wants of the people, Pelican Mall has successfully understood the concept of providing them. In this article, we will look at the entertainment facilities at Pelican Mall. Pelican Mall brings entertainment, shopping and good food altogether.

Adventure land

It is an indoor play area designed for kids. It is basically a themed land designed according to the interests of the children. This entertainment feature enhances the importance of the mall for people with children. While mothers shop, their children can have fun and there is no harm in keeping everyone happy!

Play Zone at Pelican Mall for Entertainment


Pelican mall is also famous for its world-class cinemas. These cinemas are established with industry-leading technology and are a great source of attraction for people. These cinemas are made not only to attract people who have an interest in movies but also help people to come face to face with the actuality of the events happening in society. Cinemas at the Pelican Mall provide a great way for everyone to spend quality time with family.

Luxury Cinema for Movies

Food Court

Pelican Mall also has good news for the foodies out there. They serve food in alleys full of world-renowned restaurants. So, if you are a foodie and want to not only shop but also eat good food, all under one roof, then Pelican Mall is the correct choice. You can shop and when you are tired you can sit down and relax at those restaurants that are very well designed. You can also unwind and freely socialize in the amazing ambience that the Pelican Mall provides.

Exclusive Shopping Experience

Branding a mall is one important element. Pelican Mall has understood the assignment and has brought many international and national brands to their place. These brands are located at the mall to target all types of audiences with regard to the preferences and needs of their customers.