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The location of a mall is an important factor that can greatly influence its success or failure. A well-chosen location can attract a large number of customers, generate higher foot traffic, and increase the chances of business success. Since Pelican Mall also offers international standard hotel rooms managed by Swiss International Hotels, the location of the mall is highly essential. Here are the 5 landmarks near Pelican Mall:

5 Landmarks Near Pelican Mall

Pelican Mall is situated on a prime junction of the main boulevard of DHA Bahawalpur. The mall has countless landmarks and accessible locations nearby. Here are 5 landmarks near Pelican Mall, with many others being in close vicinity as well:

DHA Main Office

Located on an ideal junction Pelican Mall is just opposite the DHA Bahawalpur’s main office. Both of the buildings are located on the main boulevard with easy access from the DHA Bahawalpur’s main gate and other entrances. The DHA main office is one of the most iconic constructions in the vicinity, with a beautiful architectural design.

DHA Main Office land near Pelican Mall DHA Bahawalpur

NDU – National Defence University

National Defence University is a publically-funded military institution that is dedicated to International Relations, Military Science, and Geo-Strategy. The DHA Bahawalpur campus of the university will be located just a few minutes away from Pelican Mall. As a result, it will be an ideal choice for the residents of the Swiss International Hotels and the students who want to entertain themselves through top-notch entertainment sources.

NDU in DHA Bahawalpur


The DHA club is an ideal location for sports and leisure activities. It provides a wide range of benefits to the members ranging from social interactions, personal growth, physical fitness, and whatnot. Such a club being in close vicinity of the Pelican Mall is an ideal situation, you can utilize the club for sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball etc.

DHA Club in DHA Bahawalpur

NUML – National University of Modern Languages

The National University of Modern Languages (NUML) will also be a nearby landmark for Pelican Mall. The university will not only be a stalwart addition to DHA Bahawalpur but also be a gift for the people residing at Pelican Mall or students visiting the mall for the perfect shopping experience.

NUML Campus Landmark near Pelican Mall

CIMS – CMH Institute of Medical Sciences

CIMS (CMH Institute of Medical Sciences) is a renowned medical institution in Pakistan. It will be the perfect addition to DHA Bahawalpur and a benefit for the Pelican Mall due to easy access from the mall, with a beautiful campus for the students to get quality medical education and training in Bahawalpur.

CIMS - Landmark near Pelican Mall

Landmarks Near Pelican Mall

Pelican Mall is situated in a prime location to cater to nearby areas of DHA Bahawalpur. Connected to main junctions and roadways for ultimate ease of traveling through the city. Along with the above-mentioned landmarks, the mall also has other important facilities, schools, utility stores, and key locations in close vicinity of the building. As a result, the people living in the Swiss International Hotel or the people shopping at the mall shops can easily commute to nearby areas without any hassle.