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The extraordinary spaces at the banquet halls of the Swiss International Hotel offer luxury and lavish accommodations for their guests. The thoughtful amenities and exceptional service make them stand out. Furthermore, a lasting impression is served by the special royal treatment of Swiss hospitality. The Pelican Mall and Swiss International Hotel and Resort in DHA Bahawalpur is one of a kind destination in a prime location. Banquet halls in DHA Bahawalpur from Swiss International Hotel offer versatile and classy spaces that are perfect for all types of events on your calendar; a memorable engagement or a huge anniversary celebration, maybe a lavish wedding anything that you want.

Space and Accommodation

Memorable events call for spaces that are served with the expertise of service, top quality, and a memorable experience. The Pelican Mall and Swiss International Hotel and Resorts are the best option for all your requirements. The management provides professional facilities and huge halls for accommodating countless guests. Banquet halls at the Swiss International Hotel are designed to accommodate celebrations and gatherings of all types and sizes. They ensure that you never have to worry about the color scheme or design that you want to choose.

Attention to Detail

Swiss International Hotel’s banquet halls provide chairs, tables, buffet tables, and all furnishings required to keep your guests comfortably within your budget. They are also providing plenty of parking space and no one has to stress about the on-street parking regulations. Their professional staff knows how to keep everything running smoothly and make sure that the entire experience ends up being a dream for its attendees and organizers.

Food and Catering

No matter what an event is about, people come in for food. It is one of the most difficult aspects of celebrations that need to be managed, with banquet halls from the Swiss International Hotel, this is not an issue anymore. We hold the best vendors in the market that deal with and supply the top quality food for your weddings and other events.


Celebrations come in different shapes and colors. Be it a big Pakistani wedding or a formal event, it is not an issue anymore. Banquet halls from Swiss International Hotel sere the flexibility to customize your décor according to your tradition and requirement. They also provide extra room to keep gifts and supplies that their guests bring.


When we talk about the banquet halls of the Swiss International Hotel, seasons are not an issue anymore. In summer, guests do not want to step outside, however, in winter they want cozy places. Swiss International Hotel’s banquet halls take care of the season in which your event is going to happen. They arrange air conditioning for summers and heating systems for the winters as per requirement.

Professional Staff

The staff of Swiss International Hotel’s Banquet halls is extremely professional, experienced, and trained. From attending guests to handling vendors to serving food to managing the décor, they are specialized in everything. They can also help you with deciding your theme, décor style, dress code, etc.

Banquet halls in DHA Bahawalpur are an ideal choice for events and celebrations of all kinds, types, and budgets. They aim to provide a very memorable and worthy experience to their clients and their guests.