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The advancements in hotels are closely related to civilizations and is a part of history. The Greeks are known to develop thermal baths for recuperation and the rest of their guests. However, Romans are known for building mansions for providing accommodation to their guests. Later in the Middle Ages, abbeys and monasteries became a part of these establishments. The history of hotel rooms and the industry basically started in France in the fifteenth century.

19th Century Hotels

In the 1900s, hotels took over the towns. New York was the first place to be influenced by this advancement, it was followed by Copenhagen. City centers were introduced with hotels. London started its journey of hotels with the establishment of the Royal Hotel. In Japan, guest houses became common. The government ran bungalows in India and these helped with the accommodation for guests and travelers.

The first deluxe hotel in Boston was the Tremont House. The Tremont House in Boston was the one to offer inside toilets. While the Holt Hotel in New York City was the first hotel to provide a lift to their guests for making carrying luggage easier.

20th Century Hotels

With the start of the twentieth century, new hotels were rapidly being introduced. The advancements and luxury that were being added over the years made hotels even more prestigious. The architect of palaces, i.e. Edouard Niiermans, transformed Villa Eugenie into the summer residence of Emperor Napoleon III and his wife. King Alphonse XIII wanted to have a prestigious and luxurious hotel in the capital of Madrid. As a result, Ritz was established. This had one of the unheard luxuries of the time which was having both hot and cold water in the bathrooms.

Several luxury hotels were built around this time. These hotels included Ritz and Savoy in London, the Plaza in NY, Plaza-Athenee in Paris, Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Taj Mahal in Bombay, and a lot more.

The Veritable Boom

With the establishment of countless hotels, the nineteen-twenties were considered very prosperous and saw a boom in the hotel industry. Over the years, hostel chains started to offer a varied range of services according to the needs and wishes of their customers.

This era is known for the innovative marketing of these hotels and the development of luxurious services. At this time, hotels were being made near airports, were being made for conferences, Ski hotels were being introduced, etc. Then the administrative hotel management system was introduced. This offered greater independence to hotels from human resources.

Modern Era of Hotels

Nowadays travelers like businessmen prefer to carry their personal laptops for communicating with their offices and making presentations. Hotels today consider these problems and make use of pad offering like wireless connection to the internet, freedom while selecting the standards for transmission, etc. Hotels today try to make themselves as comfortable for their customers as possible and for that they target their customers by providing whatever services their customers require. The newer the technologies, the more innovative will be the hotel spaces.