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Pelican Mall is being constructed at a prime location in DHA Bahawalpur. It is one of the most important projects in DHA sponsored by Pelican Builders. Which is going to raise the value of the surrounding environment. The completion of Pelican Mall will offer numerous commercial opportunities to investors. For a family imagining their perfect getaway, Pelican Mall will be appropriately equipped to cater for their needs with amenities beyond luxury. Cinemas, Gym, an exclusive shopping experience, unmatched food courts, everything will be better than your expectations.

Best Return on Investments in Bahawalpur

Pelican Mall will be home to various premium-class amenities, making it a prime destination for shoppers. Pelican Builders have made sure Pelican Mall will offer a chic environment and superior ambience that consumers can enjoy. It will offer a secure and family-friendly environment due to which greater foot traffic will be enjoyed. All of this ultimately means that Pelican Mall offers a lucrative investment opportunity, projected to have huge returns on investment with strong capital gain and rental yield.

Best Brand Image

The project gains further value from the already trusted image it has built up till now with successful projects across Bahawalpur. All of the amenities included with Pelican Mall such as its location, brand image and its security systems etc. Add up to solidify its position as a top-ranking investment opportunity. DHA Bahawalpur offers a perfect location for a perfect shopping experience like Pelican Mall and an international standard hotel like Swiss International Hotels and Resorts.

Safer Investments

For someone looking to diversify their investment portfolio, Pelican Mall offers a great opportunity due to several key aspects. Statistics show that investing in shopping malls is very lucrative and Pelican Mall is no exception. Every investor is looking to secure his hard-earned money. Investing in Pelican Mall guarantees no further complications as the letter of intimation is provided by DHA itself. The gesture shows DHA’s seriousness in providing a safe and secure environment for investors. Locking in a deal with Pelican Mall for investment purposes will guarantee no future hassle, a thing which plagues other investment opportunities like real estate.

Best Mall Shops in DHA Bahawalpur

A single retail shop has the potential to be very profitable for commercial investors, giving birth to a healthy stream of cash. This can be either through rental income or business income. Furthermore, steady capital appreciation can result in major returns for the owner over time.