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In the world of developing urban landscapes, Lahore; the cultural capital of Pakistan, stands no competition when talking about history, tradition, and modernity. As we explore the nooks and crannies of this busy city, understanding the postal system to navigate through Lahore becomes extremely important. This article will enlist the zip codes for Lahore, Pakistan, and Shed light on the nuances of the city’s postal infrastructure.

Understanding the terminologies

Before we start enlisting the zip codes, it is crucial to address the terminologies associated with the location-based coding system for better understanding. While the terms “Zip Code” and “Postal Code” are often used interchangeably, they have subtle differences. “Zip Code” is a term primarily used in the United States, while “Postal Code” is the universal term recognized globally. In the context of Lahore, the more appropriate term is “Postal Code.” These codes play a vital role in efficiently routing mail to its intended destination.

List of Postal Codes for Lahore:

To facilitate residents, businesses, and visitors, here is a comprehensive list of postal codes for various areas in Lahore, Pakistan. This list aims to assist in accurate addressing and efficient mail delivery:

Area Zip Code
Bata Pur 53400
CMA Cantt. Lahore 54800
Ferozepur Road Lahore 54600
Gulberg Colony 54660
Harbanspura 54850
Kahna Nau 53100
Lahore Cantt. GPO 54810
Lahore Defence Housing Society 54792
Lahore Ismail Nagar 54760
Model Town Lahore 54700
Tajpura 54870 Township Sector A-1 Lahore 54770
Wahga 53600
Aitchison College 54030
Alfalah 54020
Awan Colony 54780
Baghbanpura 54920
Bahria Town 53720
Balloki 55210
Barki 53200
Chah Miran 54900
Chuhang 53800
Jallo 53500
Kohinoor Energy 55160
Lahore Iqbal Town 54570
Lahore EME Society PO 53710
Lahore Engineering University 54890
Lahore GPO 54000
Lahore Multan Road 54500
Lahore New University Campus 54590
Lahore PMG Punjab Post Office 54560
Lahore P&T Audit 54550
Lahore Punjab Governor House 54880
Lahore Secondary Board 54650
Lahore Shadman Women Model PO 54610
Manga Mandi 55270
Mansoora 54790
Mughalpura 54840
Naulakha 54010
Thokar Niaz Baig 53700
Raiwind 55150
Shah Alam Market 54100
Shahdara Bagh 54950
Shahi Mohallah 54110
Timber Market 54120

As we move through the depth of neighborhoods and busy markets of Lahore, understanding the postal codes becomes the key element. The list of zip codes for Lahore provided here serves as a handy reference for anyone sending mail. These codes not only facilitate efficient mail delivery but also reflect the organized urban infrastructure of this dynamic city. So, whether you find yourself in the historic alleys of Shalimar Town or the modern avenues of DHA Lahore, knowing the right postal code ensures an accurate destination.