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Histories are always a significant way of remembering the beautiful memories of the past. Preserving the past in the form of monuments is the most incredible way of passing down knowledge to future generations. Pakistan is also a hub of enormous amounts of historical places that depict the simplicity and the legacy of the ancestors and their lifestyles in the best way possible. Among these historical places, there is the inclusion of national parks, the most eye-pleasing testaments in Pakistan. One of these national parks is the Lal Suhanra National Park in Bahawalpur.

Lal Suhanra National Park

Known to be called “A Jewel of Wildlife of Pakistan” explains the importance and preciousness of this place. Lal Suhanra National Park is an example of elegance and beauty located in the heart of Pakistan, Bahawalpur, Punjab. This park is home to a wide variety of unique wildlife, and microorganisms enhancing the beauty of nature.


It was established back in 1972. The name comes from the Lal Suhanra Forest, which was one of the most delightful sights of nature. Unfortunately, due to natural disasters and man-made chaos, the place couldn’t be preserved for a longer period resulting in the eradication of most of the land that the forest was based on. Deforestation and habitat degradation have been evil in this case.

National Park EntranceGeography of Lal Suhanra National Park

The Park spreads over an area of almost 162 Square Kilometers. Its precise strategic location is said to be at the edge of the Cholistan desert and is considered one of the largest parks in the country. There are unique sights for the tourists and a must-go for the locals as well. It offers the most beautiful, and pleasant views such as wetlands, grasslands, and dense forests.

Diverse Existence of Life

The most miraculous and attractive aspect of this park is the diversity in the existence of species, their disparate requirements, mode of action, lifestyle, similarities and differences, and coexistence.


There are approximately 400 plant species. These include Acacia Trees, and Prosopis trees acting as a shelter for animals and birds providing them with food.


There are almost 200 species Of birds found in Lal Suhanra Park. The birds that were recorded dwelling In the park during the winter season were cranes, houbara Bustard, and pelicans. It is a home to multiple mammals as well. The most impressive part is the variety that exists here including the endangered Indian wolf, chinkara. Furthermore, it is like any other national park in the world with species like Russell’s vipers and more.

It indeed is a heaven for the visitors.

Ecotourism & Visitor Experience

It is essential to provide the best services to attract visitors to come and experience the impressive beauty of nature. The government understands the importance of tourism and hence has made quite amazing arrangements for the tourists to come and explore the place in peace while enjoying.

Wildlife at Lal Suhanra National ParkThe Park is well-equipped and immense facilities are provided to the tourists to make their journey memorable and smooth. These services include accommodations, picnic spots, and guided tours that allow the individuals to not only see the beauty of the world through their eyes but also learn more about it.

Safari Tours

Safari tours are one of the major tourist attractions since it allows them to tackle animals and deal with them which is usually a novel experience for most of the visitors. It offers a chance for them to encounter animals like deer, wild animals, and birds altogether. The wide variety of animals within this area set makes it one of the best national parks in Pakistan.

Conservation Effort

The most important part of having such legacies in the country is not just managing tourism but also the need to protect the life that exists and moderate the environment, keeping it suitable for the habitat to dwell there. Therefore, the Wildlife Department has played this role for years.

Punjab Wildlife Department

The department works to improve the lives of the animals that exist in the park and enhance their quality of life by taking special care of endangered species. They work on providing a framework that could help improve Biodiversity, flora, and fauna.

These initiatives include habitat Restoration, anti-poaching, and social and community engagement programs to spread awareness regarding the importance of wildlife. In short, Lal Suhanra National Park is one of the finest places in Pakistan. It stands as a testament to Pakistanis commitment to preserving Pakistan’s natural heritage.