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Quaid-e-Azam Medical College or QAMC is a medical institution named after the founder and father of Pakistan who has put in utmost efforts to bring the respective country into existence. QAMC stands as a realm of medical education and healthcare in Pakistan. It underwent several transformations over time thus enhancing the outlook of the institute. It is well known for its commitment to medical excellence, research, and community service.

History of Quaid e Azam Medical College

It was established back in 1971 in Bahawalpur, Punjab. It has held significant importance since it came into being. Pakistan was in dire need of medical facilities and doctors during that time. It was established with a desire to enhance professionalism, increase the number of doctors, draw the attention of people towards the field, and make them aware of the need to have healthcare professionals in the vicinity.

Building and Infrastructure

Quaid-e-Azam Medical College was found to provide quality education to the students so that they can bring about a positive change in society.

  1. Academic Block: In order to conduct theoretical and practical research, the College provides lecture halls, laboratories, and classrooms.
  2. Administrative Block: Offices for staff and faculty are present in the administrative block. They deal with the daily operations of the College management.
  3. Library: QAMC’s library has all the medical literature books one can think of, well-equipped with the latest textbooks, journals, history history-related books alongside digital resources for conducting smooth research.
  4. Hostel Facility: Students from out of town are given the facility of hostels that are in the best condition, they are built close to the campus so that students can have easy and less time-consuming access to any section of the College building.
  5. Teaching Hospital: The students are lucky enough because QAMC is affiliated with the best of the hospitals that appoint the students of QAMC as internees and teach them the skills.


There are several courses that the college offers, one can apply for the degree right after completing 12-16 years of education, the courses that it offers include;

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • BS
  • BPharm
  • MS
  • MPhil
  • PhD


The curriculum of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College has been designed keeping in mind the modernism of medical science. It is way ahead of its time providing the students with knowledge of the things that are yet to come. With time diseases, their severity, microbiological resistance and the drugs prescribed have transformed a lot hence it is essential to keep track of them. Therefore, QAMC makes sure to teach the students that they could apply in modern times as well.

Academic Excellence

QAMC majorly focuses on its academic excellence. The students are not only taught theory but also given a chance to examine and experience everything practically. Which not only assists the students in learning well but also plays a vital role in their practical life.

Supportive and well-educated staff

QAMC never compromises on its quality education, teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future of the child. Understanding the significance of a teacher, the staff lending their services at QAMC happened to be highly educated, smart, intellectual, supportive, and great mentors for the students. They’re not only best at delivering the lecture but also extremely experienced and well-aware.

To sum up, Quaid-e-Azam Medical College stands as an example of medical education and excellence in Pakistan. With its rich history, dedication to research, and commitment to community health, QAMC not only shapes the future of medicine but also embodies the spirit of service and innovation essential for addressing the evolving healthcare challenges of our time.