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Pelican mall is one place where a number of people meet and buy goods. Therefore, the management understands that it is vulnerable to a broad range of risks. To tackle all kinds of risks, Pelican Mall has developed state-of-art security and safety systems. The security and safety systems at Pelican Mall are based on modern technology and potentially eliminate various kinds of risks. The following are the systems

24/7 Video Surveillance

This system is capable of recording and monitoring all kinds of activities that occur at the mall. Button and dome cameras along with CCTV are available for covering the footage of these activities from various angles. The cameras are placed strategically in order to ensure that they perform the function of capturing the best videos and covering as much area of the mall as possible.

Emergency Preparedness

Pelican Mall prepared its security officers to identify potential threats and to address them as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible. It is good for every mall to have a good emergency preparedness plan in place for the quickest response to an emergency. This helps to save a life.

High-tech Alarm system

Different types of alarms are used throughout the mall. These help to address different concerns that may arise and are a part of a comprehensive security plan. Some areas are equipped with silent alarms. These alarms only alert the police in case of theft. Other alarms are audible enough and are capable of drawing the attention of the public.

Access Control System

This helps to restrict access to areas where only specific personnel can enter. The access control system installed at the Pelican mall is based on modern technology and tracks when and who enters and exits the building. This information can be used in investigations. Biometrics are used to ensure the locks and entrance of permitted personnel only.

Fire and Healthcare Safety

The fire safety system at the Pelican Mall has sufficiently equipped with fire extinguishers and the fire watch security guard is available 24/7 for maintaining safety and security at the mall. First aid CPR security guards are also present at the Pelican Mall in order to assist in medical emergencies.

Security Guards

Security guards are an indispensable part of Pelican Mall’s security system. There are moving patrols all across the mall that ensures nothing violates the security and safety standards. These guards are also present to provide everyone with peace of mind that they are protected.