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Bahawalpur, the city of Nawabs, is not only known for its cultural heritage but also for the educational institutions in the area. A connected educational community is extremely important for enhancing the learning outcomes and collaboration among the people living in that area. Schools not only teach reading and writing but also help a child learn the basics of society and their culture. The people living in Bahawalpur want to know about the schools near DHA Bahawalpur so that they can get their children enrolled in the best of all.

Top 10 schools near DHA Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur is aimed at providing a premium lifestyle for the residents of the city. DHA is growing progressively and at a sustainable pace. With the growth of this society more and more people are settling in DHA Bahawalpur and are looking for schools near DHA Bahawalpur, this article will help those people and will mention the top 10 schools near DHA Bahawalpur.

1. The City School

This school was first established in Karachi. The City School has been providing its services since 1978. It has now become one of the largest private schools around the globe. They have about 500 + schools across the globe. Their mission is to focus on the knowledge and skill-based curriculum that will guide the students of nursery to CAIE. They aim at continuing human resource development in order to commit to their goal of providing complete satisfaction to the parents and the students.

2. Roots IVY International School

Roots IVY International School is an institute that is styled based on the modern education system and practices international standards. It was formed in April 1988 and is serving the children since then. The mission of this school is to bring the best out of children both mentally and intellectually. They aim at developing knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes in the students that will be required for them to tackle global challenges. They see themselves developing their role as a top-rated school in Pakistan.

3. Sadiq Public School

Sadiq Public School is serving the country since 1953. Their vision is to develop respectful, well-rounded, disciplined and confident students that will tackle their everyday problems with full energy. They believe in ‘Do the right and fear no man’. They consider that it is essential for a student to be physically, mentally, spiritually and academically strong for them to succeed in the world.

4. Gohar Public School

Gohar Public school is a relatively smaller school, but the quality of education they provide is worth sending your children to this school. They aim at developing all the required skills among their students and promise excellent results.

5. Foundation Montessori School

It is an English medium private school located near DHA Bahawalpur. They aim at providing high-quality education for both boys and girls. Even though the school is only at the primary level, but its professionalism and teaching style speaks for its quality of education.

6. Highbrow public school

Highbrow Public School has been launched to provide the maximum quality of education to children. They assure to groom the personalities of their students by developing the knowledge, skills and confidence that they require to face the professional world. Their vision is to lead the world by achieving excellence via professionalism.

7. Ahad Public School

It is a private English medium high school that is aimed at providing excellence through education. Ahad public school’s major goal is to develop intellectual individuals that have knowledge of the world and can easily adapt to the professional world that they will have to face after their educational phase of life.

8. Academic Heights Public School

Academic Height Public School is based on the philosophy of excellence. Their main objective is to inculcate the desire for development via consistent improvement and constant competition. They believe that capability enhancement will be developed by the power of knowledge. They are proud that they are successively developing achievers and leaders for the nation.

9. Dominican Convent higher secondary school

It was established in 1958 by the Dominican Sisters and since then it is leading the world of education in the region. Initially, it began as a middle school but then extended to a secondary school and eventually became a higher secondary school by 2003. The school emphasizes a bright life, insight, truth and clarity.

10. The Knowledge School

It is a project of the ILM trust and is working nationwide. The knowledge school’s philosophy is based upon the strategic partnership with the hyped individuals that are willing to achieve for the sake of this country. They aim to become a reliable partner for the parents and society in order to cultivate young minds so that they develop the intellectual capabilities that will be required for their future.