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To understand the importance of something, we first have to indulge ourselves in its history of it. The former princely state of Bahawalpur was founded as early as 1748, by Nawab Bahawal Khan 1. The rich history of the state was courtesy of the then rulers, the Abbasi family of Nawabs. Many minds have crossed the thought “Why is Bahawalpur Famous?” the answer to that is how Nawabs gave Bahawalpur a rich architectural history with monuments standing to this day.

The town flourished initially as it was a trading post on major trading routes spanning Afghanistan and central India. Fighting off many attacks and invasions, it was in 1802 that Bahawalpur was termed a princely state by Nawab Mohammad Bahawal Khan 2. The city was famed for the production of higher quality silk, cotton, and lungis than Amritsar and quickly established itself as a commercial center.

Why is Bahawalpur Famous?

The rich culture and tradition of Bahawalpur’s history are portrayed in its present showing, a city of music, dance, and color. The people are involved in their history and enjoy the heritage with music and cultural festival happening throughout the year.
The architectural beauty of Bahawalpur lies in the top 10 places to visit in the city:

Top 10 Attractions Near DHA BahawalpurNoor Mahal Palace

Completed in 1985 by the then Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan 4. It is the centerpiece of attraction for Bahawalpur with both Islamic and European architectural design being prominent.

Darbar Mahal

It was completed in 1905 to hold courtly events and governmental events on a larger scale. It was built by Bahawal Khan the 5th and sits in an area of a 75-acre garden.

Gulzar Mahal

Commissioned by the Bahawal Khan the 5th, it was built to be the residence for women members of the Nawab household. Currently, under the control of armed forces, it represents a respected position for the women of the royal household.

Sadiq Dane High School

A respected high school that is famous for its architecture, it was established in 1911 and inaugurated by Sir Louis Dane. Islamic architecture and a clock made by the Bing Bang company are the highlights of S.D.High School.

Al-Sadiq Mosque

It is the biggest mosque in the region which can attend to 60,000 people at a time. Its form is inspired by the Badshahi Mosque of Lahore and is made with royal chaste white marble.

Bibi Jawindi Tomb

The tomb is dated back to the 15th century. Built in the spirit of historical Sufi scholar, Bibi Jawindi. The inside and outside are decorated with rich Islamic manuscripts. It serves as a major attraction for Bahawalpur.

Derawar Fort

Derawar Fort is one of the best tourist attractions in the Cholistan desert. The landmark architecture of the Fort is known to symbolize centuries of grandeur. Derawar Fort, a large square fortress, was built by a Hindu Rajput (Bhati of Jaisalmer) and remained in their hands until it was captured by the Nawabs of Bahawalpur specifically Sadeq Mohammad Khan I.

History of Derawar FortThe Gates Leading to Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur like many of the ancient cities was a walled city. There are seven gates leading to other cities and states. These gates are an important part of the architectural heritage of the city.

  • Bikaneri gate
  • Bohar gate
  • Multani gate
  • Ahmedpuri gate
  • Dirawari gate
  • Mori gate
  • Shikarpuri gate

The City of Palaces – Bahawalpur

The natural beauty of Bahawalpur stretches across its borders. The city is surrounded by a vast expanse of sand dunes and arid plains of the Cholistan Desert. Tourism and Development Corporation of Pakistan inaugurates TDCP Cholistan Jeep Rally on the plains of the desert. People from around the world come to experience the race. Furthermore, Bahawalpur also hosts Lal Suhanara, one of the largest national parks in Asia. It is spread across 162,568 acres and is home to a variety of landscapes.

When someone asks the question ‘Why is Bahawalpur Famous?’ the first thought might be of the architecture and the cultural heritage of the city. However, the people of the city are also immensely loving, a lot of famous personalities across the World have their roots in Bahawalpur.

10 Famous Personalities from BahawalpurOne single article isn’t enough to dictate the importance and significance of Bahawalpur as a city. In conclusion, it is a city with rich history, culture, heritage, and ample natural beauty. Famous Islamic architecture is prominent around the city. Bahawalpur is one of the most important cities in southern Asia. A must-visit city for anyone interested in the significance of Bahawalpur and its affiliation with history.